Up Close and Personal

“The Zondo Commission heard Angelo Agrizzi testify about large scale corruption, however the one aspect Deputy Judge President Zondo had to acknowledge was that service and delivery of the products paid for were beyond reproach, people attested to a change in environment, and service delivery not as yet surpassed. The operational aspect had been audited on numerous occasions and were faultless. That was Angelo Agrizzi’s responsibility, the operational management of the business, not the politicking or the bribery.”

South African born, Angelo Agrizzi, was the Chief Operating Officer of the BOSASA Group of 38 companies – a position he has held from inception in 1999. Business development acumen is profoundly evident within the twenty year lifespan of the Group.

In his COO capacity and with a demanding and significant portfolio, he remained at the forefront of helping to drive the Group into a powerful brand in South Africa. From small offices in Krugersdorp and (a small team of eight senior members of personnel), it had at its pinnacle 6,500 employees and a well-established national footprint. With an entrepreneurial mind he was able to identify local and global business opportunities and product needs.

The brand has been successfully consolidated through public acknowledgement of product, service delivery worldwide and authentic corporate social responsibility programmes.

Despite the negativity and the fact that corruption was rife, Angelo Agrizzi managed the operational running of the business to the highest regard, advocating that the Group of Companies should become “A” Political.

Explained in detail in his books it was this continual opposition to Angelo Agrizzi having to engage with political powers and the favours embarked upon by Gavin Watson and the Directorate that sparked the initial resignation of Angelo Agrizzi in August 2016, coinciding with his initial refusal to accept any further part of the bribery and corruption, to his final departure on the 15th of  December 2016.

Pursuant to discovering that Gavin Watson had tried to encash a “Key Man” policy held over Angelo Agrizzi’s life, the period of negotiation to release himself from Watson’s clutches took a period of three months to the 7th March 2017.